Welcome to the Gensou SkyDrift WikiaEdit

This is a wikia created for Gensou SkyDrift speed runs on all of the different tracks. As of 5th September 2015, the Free Run mode has been unlocked in v1.030, which creates an entire new era for Time Trialing in Gensou SkyDrift. The old VS section will be kept for historical purposes.

VS Mode (Local) Edit

Originally, runs were done through the Local Versus mode, as Free Run was not yet available. Old runs will still be kept for historical purposes.

VS Mode (Online) Edit

Gensou SkyDrift has it's own Online VS mode which allows you to race against player from all around the world. To do this however, a special serial code is required that comes with the game when you buy it. If you download the game, you will NOT be able to go online, however you can still play the Campaign, the Offline VS, or do Time Trialing in the Free Run mode.

Listed below are all the tracks that currently have records!Edit


Magic Forest

Human's Village

Scarlet Mansion

Bamboo Forest

Youkai Mountain



Hell of Blazing Fires

Misty Lake

Ancient City

MariCircuit 2

Another World

Voile Library

Useful Links Edit

Official Website

You can download the game here (Credit goes to Dexus on Doujinstyle, does not include serial key)